Koffin Kitty

Koffin Kitty stands facing two rows of lit candles with her hands raised over her head.

‘Witches just aren’t like that,’ said Magrat. ‘We live in harmony with the great cycles of Nature, and do no harm to anyone, and it’s wicked of them to say we don’t. We ought to fill their bones with hot lead.’ -Wyrd Sisters, Terry Pratchett

Every team needs an apprentice. Koffin Kitty is our representative of Gluttony, devouring knowledge and the contents of the Secret Revival Snack Pantry in equal measure. Koffin Kitty is also the keeper of the Revival’s custom spirit board. If you want to talk to the spectral realm, you’ll have to go through her. Bring snacks.

Koffin Kitty standing in front of a red velvet drape with a small straw broom. Koffin Kitty posing in lingerie and stockings in front of a St. Andrew's cross. Koffin Kitty poses with a display of crystal beaded jewelry.