Why I Choose Evil: A Tale Of Two Religions

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A desert road ending in a T-intersection, with directional signs to "Truth and Consequences" and "Socorro."

A dark forest background with a small shrine mounted to a tree in the foreground.I’m getting right tired of the people who’ve staked a claim to moral goodness. Have you noticed that whether they’re Christian, Islamic, Neopagan, or whatever else, they all have the same basic pitch? They tell you a God who just happens to want the same things they do is in charge of everything, that there’s a monarch of the universe who must be respected, whether that’s Nature, Reason, Allah, or Jesus. Then, one step down from God is The Leader, whether he (and it seems to overwhelmingly be a “he”) is a king, Pope, Sultan, or a Chief Executive. The Leader is always right because The Leader is divinely inspired and whatever he does, whether it appears good or bad, is because God said so. You can see it in late Justice Antonin Scalia’s quoting of the Apostle Paul: “For there is no power but of God: the powers that be are ordained of God.”

Now back in the past, there was a name for this: the divine right of kings. Hell, in ancient Egypt Pharaoh claimed to be a god in human form. From the beginning of recorded history until now, these godly “good guys” have always had a few things in common. They want power without the price, privilege without responsibility. They want to claim the moral high ground without having to be moral. If you want to see the Christian and Islamic versions of this, pick up a newspaper. If you want to see the neopagan version, check out your local covens. I’d share my own horror stories of abuse of power, sexual abuse, missing stairs, and the like but the truth is that everyone who’s spent time around these “good guys” has their own. You don’t need my examples to know what I’m talking about.

A sunset behind a directional sign post.

Well, my fellow sinners, if that’s the side of good then sign me right up for evil! If God is going to claim to be king and these bastards are his duly appointed representatives, I’ll take Lucifer. I’d rather spend my time with people who understand that power comes at a price. I’ll take people who feel a responsibility to each other instead of abdicating it to the Powers That Be and washing their hands of the ills of the world. I’d sooner trust the devil of the crossroads to cut me a square deal than the holy man in the church of gold and marble.

I say Lucifer but just like the “good guy” religion of the state has many names and many forms, so do the people who oppose it. When Pharaoh exiled people into the desert, it was Set that took them in. Before he became the rich people’s party god, Dionysus was the god of madness and of rebellious women and slaves. That’s the evil I’m looking for, the evil of the Maenads, the anarchists and the Invisible College. Give me the evil of those who will rise up against the self-appointed “good guys” and fight for a different world; a world where power comes from the individual and works its way up as they work together. Fuck those who would concentrate it at the top to be handed down by whoever has the biggest god and the biggest guns. They and their gods have declared themselves our enemy. If ISIS and Jerry Falwell control who gets into heaven, I’ll take hell.

“While heaven may be closed I am always open, even on Christmas.” – Lucifer (Viggo Mortensen), The Prophecy, 1995


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